Monday, August 1, 2011

Bears Ears Trail to North Fork Trail ~ 29.3 miles in one day

Last Friday I hiked 29.3 miles in one day from Bear's Ears to Lizard Head to the North Fork Trail, starting and ending at Dickinson Park on the Wind River Indian Reservation. It was the most stunning hike I'd ever been on, in the Wind Rivers or anywhere. On top of it, I did with some of my best, and most intrepid friends. Thanks to my awesome friend Shelli Johnson for organizing us!

Lizard Head Peak and wildflowers in summer glory.

Lunch spot, looking down into the  drainage that leads to the Cirque of the Towers.

Mountains, snow and sky.

One of four river crossings.

Me with Lizard Head Peak (photo by Shelli Johnson).

Oh yeah!  Beers at the end of the trail (another pic by Shelli).

Then... the next day I went fishing with my family. All of this in my backyard!

Laura and Ben after having a picnic in a wildflower meadow.

  Hiking to our secret fishing spot.

"And this is the biggest one, that I caught all by myself."
Laura tied my flies on for me.  Oh, to have the vision of the young!

End of our lovely fishing day and me pointing back at where I'd been the day before toward Bear's Ears Pass.

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