Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Camping at Granite Hot Springs, WY

Driving through Grand Teton National Park on the way to Granite Hot Springs. This was the Bearpaw Bay Fire, in Grand Teton NP. Ben and Laura were excited to watch helicopters carrying water to the fire.

These falls are on Granite Creek and just below them is a small waterfall (below shot) that cascades down the side of the canyon to create a little natural hot springs pool.

Ben at the little hot springs pool below the falls.

Me crossing the river, again. I had to carry both kids (at the same time!) and then take our backpack full of picnic stuff to the other side. Carried them both at the same time to cut down on the number of trips because the water was freezing. And had to cross the river in the first place to get to the natural hot springs! Where's the husband when you need one?

Laura at the developed hot springs area - a great place to spend a beautiful fall day!

Sunday morning view, below our campsite.

I made this video for Scott since he couldn't come on our trip with us.