Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Damsels and Dragons at Fiddler's Lake

Here we are, yet another blog post that only my mother would read (thanks mom!)  

On a whim, I packed up 7/8th's of the family on a Saturday afternoon and drove out of town; up into the Wind River Mountains near our home to go camping.  I tried to keep things simple so that it wouldn't be overwhelming, since it was just me with two kids and our elderly dogs (Scott being in Vegas).

When we got to our campsite at Fiddler's Lake, there were hundreds of sky blue damselflies everywhere.  In the late afternoon sunlight, it was kind of magical~

That evening, I had a huge compliment from my little man, "Your fire is way better than Daddy's fires."  We invented s'mores of every kind with ginger snaps, dark chocolate, chocolate with almonds, butterscotch chips and marshmallow. 

In the middle of the night I went out to sit by lake and the water was so still that the stars were reflected in it. When seen through the trees, the starlight on the lake looked like thousands of fireflies.  As I sat there watching shooting stars, I realized it must be the Perseid meteor shower.  What awesome luck.  With no moon, and the stars on the surface of the pond, it was phenomenal.  I tried to wake the kids up to come see, but they wouldn't budge from their nice warm bags.

I love this picture.  I happened to capture the moment of big sister leaning in to snuggle her little brother.  There were lots of "I love you's" and random hugs on this trip. 

L. Genevieve kicks back.  We spent the morning on the blanket by the lake, birdwatching, damselfly and dragonfly watching, and saw a beaver cruising around.  L.G. saw a spotted sandpiper catch a dragonfly.   Just hanging out, doing close to nothing together, was the best.

Later in the day we went to Louis Lake Beach.  The kids were riding logs on the lake, yeehaw, such a Wyoming thing to do.

'Meditating' next to Fiddler's Lake in Santa jammies with feet.
I can't say enough how much I love this down time with my kids. It's golden.