Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is your idea of a "Perfect Day?"

Recently a friend asked me what my idea of a perfect day was.  Since we were on a 26 mile hike, I had plenty of time to think about this.  And I decided that I'd rather recognize those 'perfect' moments (and give thanks) than to seek out the "perfect day".  Not to say that I haven't had some days that were darn-near perfect.  But they weren't outstanding or epic in any way.  They may have been a day with my family and a barbeque with friends or time spent camping and fishing in the mountains.  This train of thought made me comtemplate those perfect life moments, when everything that is beautiful about life comes together, clear as the Wyoming summer sky, and you think "this is it, THIS is what it's all about."

I've had many moments like that this recently, and I feel lucky indeed:

Eating popsicles with my kids on the front porch.

Sitting in a tree in the park with the kids.  Ben calls it "the office."

Listening to the song of the hermit thrush in the late afternoon sunshine, deep in a spruce-fir forest.

Taking a walk with my family at sunset ~ there's a warm breeze and the air is filled with cotton from the big cottonwood trees.  There's such a magical quality to the air...

Watching the pouring rain from a snow cave in the Snowy Range Mountains.

Early morning trail run, just today, and passing through an aspen grove with an understory of wild roses that smelled like heaven.

And one of my most favorite things to do ever - hiking and holding hands with Laura and Ben.

All this brings to mind the quote by Mary Oliver from her poem, The Summer Day:  "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"