Monday, August 11, 2008

Horse packing in the Absaroka Mnts., WY

We finally made it into the wilderness with the kiddos - and our trusty steeds! Laura rode Kino and walked some, Ben rode in the backpack with Scott and I took a leisurely stroll trailing Arizona who packed all of our gear. This is the beautiful Absaroka mountains outside of Dubois, WY.

Following Scott and the horses to the trailhead, in the rain.

Arizona, Kathy, and Bud coming into Five Pockets.

Bud, Scott, Ben, Laura, and Kino.

Ben helping hobble the horses.

Stormy first evening. We had to scramble to set up camp and eat before it rained.

After a stormy evening, a bluebird day.

Laura and Scott on a day hike.

Kathy getting lots of help rigging up.

We had an early evening storm the second night and when it started to clear, the light was first greenish, then this otherworldly orange/pink/blue with a rainbow in the sunset. I just couldn't even begin to capture it here.

Jammin' Rio

Another beautiful stormy sky - driving home through the res.

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