Monday, August 4, 2008

Veria, Mud Baths, Mt. Olympus and Camp Sylvia, Greece

Goat Roast

Bobby's family had us over several times for dinner. This night we were celebrating Tracy's baptism into the Greek Orthodox church and Bobby's parents wedding anniversary. The goat roast seems to be the Greek version of the American backyard barbeque. We really enjoyed Bobby's family - the made us feel right at home. They also cooked the most delicious meals!

Veria, Greece
(Bobby and Tracy's town)

Tracy, in front of her favorite place to buy revani, a sweet syrupy cake Veria is famous for.

Mud Baths

We had an amazing meal right on the ocean after our mudbaths. The food in Greece was wonderful, in-season and freshly made. Here we had grilled octopus, tzatziki, saganaki (fried cheese), fresh mussels, fried zuchinni for dunking in the tzatziki, feta cheese, roasted hot peppers, some kind of yummy greens, and all this preceded by ouzo. There was always a delicious Greek salad on the table with the most beautiful and perfect tomatoes.

Tracy, Preston, Bobby, Scott, and Georgia.

Drinking mojitos on the beach under a full moon.


Beach at "Camping Sylvia"

Village of Litochoro near Mt. Olympus

Starting up the trail to Mt. Olympus

The pretty little village of P. Pandelemonas on a steep hillsiade south of Mt. Olympus

Church in Veria

St. Paul's Altar in Veria

~Bobby's Grandfather helped build~

The steps that Paul preached from.

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