Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have Blankey will Travel (Thoughts on Travel.... with Kids)

Before children, Scott and I fearlessly roamed to places like Zanzibar, Tobago, Kenya, Belize, Tanzania, and rural Mexico. Now that the kids are old enough for extended travel, I'm ready and excited to start wandering again.  And we now have little hands to hold, and new eyes with which to discover the world.

We contemplated many vacations spots, and serendipitously chose Nicaragua. We will leave in a few days and last night I lay awake with the pre-trip jitters.  I was wondering if we were doing the right thing - taking our little children on such a 'big' adventure. All the what-if's ran through my head.  (Probably the most perilous thing that might happen is that Ben could lose his blankey.)

But a friend recently gave me this quote on travel, which helped me remember why we roam in the first place. I hope Ben and Laura will look back on this trip and agree.

Dhow, at sunset in Zanzibar, circa 1998.