Monday, February 22, 2016

WYO Back of the Pack Operating Instructions

WYO BPR Operating Instructions

  1. Promote Peace, Love, and Harmony and total commitment to The Alternate Reality, Wyoming Style.
  2. Always bring beer for the Leader.
  3. Office of the Leader.
    1. Always bring beer for the Leader (see #1).
    2. The Leader, being a Dudette, can arbitrarily change the Operating Instructions at any time without prior notice. See 5.2 and 5.3 - Back of the Pack Operating Instructions  (The BPR Operating Instructions are ONLY applied to Dudes.)
The Crew is under the Leader’s sole reign and power, a.k.a. The Leader’s Realm.
    1. 1.4  The Leader shall not be referred to as the Leader (for obvious reasons) but as The Goddess, The God-less, Bad-Ass Biker Chic, hey Fatbiker, or other appropriate term of endearment.  For purposes of this document the term The Goddess will be used.

  1. Uniforms.
    1. Must be naked under your uniform.
    2. Dudes attired in spandex are discouraged; dudes wearing tight green leather pants wielding bow and arrows are encouraged.
  2. WYO Crew.
    1. WYO rolls phat and rigid.
    2. Phatbikers are sexy.
    3. Any potential Crew member must undergo the Initiation Ceremony.
    4. (a) There is no safe word for the Initiation Ceremony and personal safety cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Persons with Disabilities and Metahumans.
    1. The Goddess is deaf.  Any crude or inappropriate remarks, dirty jokes, politically incorrect statements, or sexual innuendos must be uttered in a clear and loud fashion for the enjoyment of all.
    2. Anyone consistently riding at the front of the pack on uphill grinds is a show-off and a metahuman will be ridiculed accordingly.
  4. Morale.
    1. No pissing and moaning (COWBOY UP), unless the wind is blowing, and only The Goddess is allowed to P & M.
    2. Whilst operating in the Realm, talk of jobs, spouses, children, in-laws, or other so-called ‘realities’ will NOT be tolerated.
  5. Deviants and deviations.
    1. Any disagreement with the WYO BPR Operating Instructions or proffered changes must be submitted to The Goddess in Time Lord writing.
  6. Firearms and alcohol.            
    1.  Lock and load: this is Wyoming. 

*Fatbiker/phatbiker is one word.