Monday, September 30, 2013

Road Closed

I love this sign. This area is closed to motorized travel through the winter and early spring up until June 15, which means that I have all of this beautiful country behind the sign to myself.  The area is part of Red Canyon Ranch and also part of a special management habitat unit for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  It is closed to motorized vehicles for part of the year to protect wintering elk and mule deer from disturbance.  In June, just before it opens, the wildflowers bloom like wildfire on the hillsides and the deer and antelope are knee-deep in clover. 

I talked to life-long Lander residents that said they've never seen flowers this beautiful as they were this year.

I got up early on many mornings this spring to ride my bike before work.

I took my mom for a picnic when she came to town.  And while sitting in this beautiful meadow she quoted my grandpa, "Gee, I wonder what the rich people are doing."

View of the flowers by Laura.