Friday, February 24, 2012

Yellowstone Winter Magic

If you are a rare reader of my blog then you are probably tired of Yellowstone posts already.  But I had to add this one because it was truly a magical trip. 

Laura and Ben - the snow was so deep that we didn't even know if we'd make it in or out of the park in these snow coaches, especially on our trip out.

Laura - with bison in the background. 

For our sweet little girl Anneliese.  We happen to be in the park on her heaven day.  We always tie a red ribbon in a tree in her memory.... with lots of love.

The kids had a blast with their friends at night on the ice rink at the Snow Lodge.  Lodge staff always kept a bonfire stoked next to the rink.

This is Laura and Ben with some of their best friends, who also go to Yellowstone quite a bit.  It's funny but they always love watching Old Faithful erupt, no matter how many times they've seen it before.

Skiing along the Firehole River ~ Laura, Scott & Ben.

Laura trying to strategically ski past bison.  Ben and I are behind her and I am one nervous Mommy.  The bison were on both sides of the trail and also coming up behind us so we had to go forward or back.  We went forward, quickly as we could, after the bison on the right moved away from the road a little more.

Skiing with the Copleands along the boardwalks near Old Faithful.  It was an unusually sunny day and we had a picnic at the Grand Geyser, just in time to see it erupt.  We had it all to ourselves and it is a SPECTACULAR geyser.

Freezing cold journey to a new thermal feature in the park near Black Sands Basin.  You could feel the earth shaking here.

Girls ski - we were very lucky to see the Firehole Geyser go off within minutes of getting here. It was entirely unplanned and a spectacular geyser which arcs over part of the river and also waterfalls into it.

Me and my little man Ben.