Monday, October 10, 2011

Tribute to the Best Hiking Buddies Ever - Bud and Sadie

This post is a tribute to my wonderful canine friends.  I will miss their happy, joyful presence in our home.  Here are just a few of my favorite images of them enjoying life, in top dog form.

Bud came to live with  us when he was eight years old.  We skied, hiked, walked, and ran many, many miles together.  He was my best Bud.  This is him at his finest, running along the road at Red Canyon Ranch where we liked to ski.  He had a great life with us and was a healthy 16 years old (amazing for dog-years!) until just recently.

Sadie was my Dad's companion until Dad could no longer take care of her last year.  She came to live with us in October 2010 and this was taken on one of our first days on the trail together.  She was a sweetheart, and in fact the nicest dog I've ever met.  In true lab style, she always had a smile on.  Sadie was 11.

Taken last Christmas when we went to get our tree.