Saturday, July 17, 2010

Horseback from Worthen Meadows to Sheep's Bridge

We took the kids and horses on a day trip from Worthen Meadows to Sheep's Bridge.

Wow, we got into the Wind River back country with very little whining! (Our family motto is "never leave a man behind, unless she's whining.") The trail down to Sheep Bridge is very steep in places, rocky, full of scree and boggy for a short stretch -- I was so proud of both of the kids for staying on horseback.

I should mention that the mosquitos were horrendous, which would have been enough to make anyone whine, or cry. But it was mostly smiles all around.

"This one is cool, Mommy" Ben with my Grandpa Kramer's fly box.
Fishing the Middle Fork of the Popol Agie.

Luckily, my kids are easily impressed. One of my favorite things is catching brookies that flip out of the water for dry flies. (Truthfully, that's about the limit of my fishing talent.)

Ben and Kino. Ben was excited when Kino leaped a small stream with him in the saddle.

Laura 'solo'.

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