Saturday, November 7, 2009

Driving a Team of Horses down Main Street

Chuck is a Lander icon.  He brings his draft horses, Bo and Shorty, to town on Saturday and Sundays and takes people for rides in either his buckboard-style wagon or, in the winter, in his sleigh.  The sleigh rides are always fun, sometimes he'll take the team into an open lot and do the snow equivalent of donuts with tight fast circles.  You'll find Chuck hanging out behind the liquor store that he owns, Melody Liquors, on 4th and Main and will take anyone for a ride, free of charge.  

We know Chuck pretty well and often times he'll just show up at our house unannounced and tell us in very colorful language to get our behinds outside to go for a ride with him.  One time I was doing dishes and looked out my kitchen window to see him pull the draft horses right up in our driveway.    My kids always scramble to grab their coats, hats, shoes, whatever  - and make it out the door in record time to go for a ride.

One day Chuck randomly decided that I needed to learn to drive the team.  Here I am practicing with Chuck coaching me.  We are in the fire hall parking lot.

Chuck supervising my progress, a crash course in driving a team of draft horses.

After about an hour of practice Chuck showed me how to hook up the team and then he let me drive them down Main Street! I was pretty nervous - afraid that I might hit a parked car but Chuck was right next to me of course. 

I love these big guys.  They are a couple of sweethearts.

It was such an amazing experience and something I'll never forget it.  Chuck and his team are such a part of the Lander community and one of the many things I love best about Lander.