Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grand Teton Climb, Part II

Holly firing up the stove on the morning of our adventure. This is at the Climber's Ranch where we stayed before and after the climb.

The goal.

Yes Holly, you should definitely wear the glacier glasses. How cool are those!

And we're off, the Lupine Meadows Trail to Garnet Canyon to camp at the Lower Saddle.

The Grand comes into view.

After the headwall, Holly, and looking back at the valley.

Kathy, getting closer to camp.

We girls scored a sweet deal. Since there were only three of us (girls) we stayed in the little orange tent next to Exum's large sleeping hut. The hut can sleep 16 people, stacked like cordwood! That's a lot of snoring and testosterone.

"... and this is the cave where we make unruly clients sleep," says one of the Exum guides. Actually I believe that the guides hole up in these little cozy dens to get a break from clients!

Holly and Kathy with the Grand in the background. Discussing beef stroganoff and thinking it's very, very funny.

An amazing sight ~ the shadows of the Tetons on the valley floor.

Sunset looking toward Alaska Basin and Idaho. We'll be getting up to climb in a few short hours!